KeyHarmony is not your average female a cappella group; we are a group of ladies who genuinely care about each other and the growth of the group as a whole. KeyHarmony has overcome many obstacles throughout the years that have made us stronger than ever. We want to bring that strength and courage to the world through our music and storytelling. KeyHarmony enjoys competing in ICCA, SOJAM, and other various competitions, as well as attending different conferences, however at the core of it all, we are a group of ladies who love creating music and giving our audiences a performance they will never forget. 

In April of 2018, Keani Knight, AGAIN, took home Best Female Soloist for "Have Mercy" by Eryn Allen Kane and we also took home 4th place overall in the National A Cappella Covention (NACC). 

In February of 2018, at the ICCA South Quarterfinal, Keani Knight recieved Outstanding Soloist for "Have Mercy" by Eryn Allen Kane.

In October of 2017, KeyHarmony recieved 1st Place at SoJam XV alongside two other awards: "best visual perfomance" for all rounds and "best vocal percussion" by our own Sarah Bookout. 

​In the span of just two years, KeyHarmony was able to release two successful EPs. “Uncaged”, and "War Without Weapons".

"Uncaged" was released in October of 2014. With it being KeyHarmony’s first EP, this four-tracked wonder showcased various soloists and styles. This EP also highlighted the hard work and dedication that had been accomplished since the founding year. One of the tracks from this EP, "Cry Me A River", was nominated for a 2015 CARA for Best Female Arrangement. Another track from this EP,  “Move”, was featured on the a cappella complication album, Voice Only 2015, Vol. 1.

KeyHarmony released their second EP, “War Without Weapons”, in December of 2016. This EP allowed listeners to experience the vulnerability that KeyHarmony brought to each song. This EP also highlights the versatility that women experience when overcoming adversity. One of the tracks from this EP, "Show Me How You Burlesque" was nominated for a 2017 CARA for Best Movie / Musical Soundtrack Song.

Both “Uncaged” and “War Without Weapons” are available on iTunes, Loudr, and Spotify.